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Greetings in the Lord !

Welcome to the Bible Reading Adventure! This month we will be in the Book of Exodus and read about Israel’s incredible deliverance from bondage in a foreign land to freedom in the Promised Land. God’s mighty hand is at work, today as it was in ancient times. It is good to know that God is still in the business of bringing freedom to all who call upon his name. Then we will surely know that he is the Lord our God.

Commands of Christ – “Follow Me”

As part of our adventure, each month we explore a teaching of Jesus. This month’s “command” is found in Matthew 4:19 (KJV). “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Throughout his ministry, Jesus beckons people to follow him. To Peter, Andrew, Matthew, the rich young man, Philip and many others. Some left families and jobs. Others were not quite ready to leave the comforts they enjoyed. But to those who answered the call, Jesus taught them, equipped them and sent the Holy Spirit to guide them for empowered ministry. And the world has never been the same. Do you feel a calling? Do you feel a passion to make a difference in this world, to make life a little better for your family, friends, and community? Jesus calls us to follow him. And when we do, we will enter into a life of purpose, walking with the Master, and experiencing the wonders of God’s design for us. Are you willing to obey Christ’s command to follow him? You will be blessed!

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