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A number of our family and friends have been touched and healed by the prayer quilts that have been given to them. We thank all the ladies who have put in so much of their time and talents in creating each unique handmade quilt. Remember, it's not about the quilt, but it's all about the prayers that the person said for someone in need.

We usually meet on the first Saturday of each month from 12:30-2:00pm in the upstairs conference room. Join us as we layer quilts, and design some new quilts for sewing. Praise the Lord for the quilts and prayers that we have been able to share these past few months. We need your help to continue to build our supply of quilts for future requests.

Our most recent photos below show all the quilts that were made with loving hearts and hands for the victims of the Japanese Tsunumi.  Thanks to Margie for spearheading this wonderful event!


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